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About Snake Cube

Snake Cube is a classic mechanical puzzle that challenges players with its deceptively simple objective: to create a specific shape by manipulating interconnected cube segments. Also known as the Magic Snake or Rattle Snake, this puzzle consists of a chain of 27 smaller cubelets, typically held together by an elastic band running through their centers.


Each cubelet can rotate freely in multiple directions, allowing the puzzle to bend and twist into various configurations. The goal varies depending on the specific design or challenge card provided with the puzzle. Some versions require the solver to arrange the segments into a straight line, resembling a snake, while others may instruct the creation of more intricate shapes or patterns.

Irresistible Attraction

What makes the Snake Cube particularly intriguing is its blend of simplicity and complexity. On one hand, the concept is straightforward—manipulate the segments to form a desired shape. On the other hand, the actual execution can be remarkably tricky, requiring spatial reasoning, patience, and a methodical approach to navigate through the numerous possible configurations.

The origins of the Snake Cube are somewhat obscure, but similar puzzles have been found in various cultures and historical periods, often fashioned from wood, plastic, or metal. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to captivate puzzlers of all ages, offering both a mental challenge and a satisfying tactile experience.

Solvers often find themselves drawn into a mesmerizing dance of twists and turns, experimenting with different movements and alignments to unlock the puzzle's solution. As each cubelet clicks into place and the shape begins to emerge, a sense of accomplishment and delight accompanies the solver—a testament to the puzzle's timeless allure and the ingenuity of its design.

Whether approached as a solitary pastime, a brain-teasing challenge among friends, or a tool for developing spatial awareness and problem-solving skills, the Snake Cube continues to hold its place as a beloved classic in the world of mechanical puzzles. Its ability to entertain and engage, coupled with its enduring simplicity yet formidable complexity, ensures that the Snake Cube will continue to fascinate and inspire puzzlers for generations to come.

How to play Snake Cube

Use the Mouse and Keyboard to move the snake to form long blocks.

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