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About Snake io is an action game developed by Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games. The game was first released on April 21, 2016. Classic arcade receives an improvement for playing distinctive online live events. In this well-liked mobile version of the famous arcade game, go to the top of the leaderboard! combines the earliest traditional snake game fundamentals with modern trendy aesthetics.

Overview of Snake io


The player will start as a small worm and try to get bigger by eating your way through each level. Control the worm your way through the food fields and try to beat the scores of other players to become the biggest snake. Additionally, the player can also attack other snakes by having them headbutt your snake, even larger snakes. Those snakes will turn into food and help your snake grow faster.

You must go wisely but defend skillfully. How long can you survive?

Where you can play snake io?

In particular, players can play this game directly on a web browser without downloading. In addition, versions for iOS and Android are also available on the App Store and CH play Features is designed for smooth, fast performance, with controls designed for any mobile device.

The game combines new trendy art with the oldest classic snake game mechanics. A classic game about snakes - Surf through the food field and eat to make your snake grow.

Snake io Features

Snake's fun io game version, play old-school Snakeio and try to beat your high score

  1. Free multiplayer game
  2. Online leaderboards to see if your snake can beat the rest!
  3. Challenge your friends to beat your high score
  4. Double player mode
  5. Stay next to your friends and compete
  6. Watch Snake Game from our fans and join the online community
  7. Free Addictive Game
  8. Play games with fast performance on any device.
  9. io game with smooth gameplay and mobile controls
  10. Snake io is free or you can remove ads!
  11. Watch the game online on YouTube and learn moves from top streamers Live events
  12. Battle with other snakes and ayo snake boss
  13. Compete for high scores with friends on leaderboards
  14. Exciting new events every month with unique skins No Wifi Game
  15. Offline io game does not require an internet connection. Play whether you are offline or online! Offline is no need for wifi.

How about is a massively multiplayer online video game developed by Steve Howse that is available on iOS, Android, and web browsers - a similar game to snake io. The player controls a worm that grows in size by consuming colored pellets from other players and objects on the game map. Developing the longest worm in the region is the game's objective.


The goal of the game is to control a worm around a large area and eat food pellets, kill and eat other players' food to gain mass to become the biggest and longest in the gameplay. When the player starts playing, the worm is still in constant motion. If the player's worm head collides with any part of another worm, the player dies. The defeated avatar's body turns into glittering pellets for other players to consume. By pressing and holding the spacebar or the left/right mouse button (or, on mobile devices, double tapping the touchscreen), the player can use their acceleration feature, causing the worm to accelerate. When the button (or on mobile devices, the touch screen finger) is released, the worm will not use its acceleration.

When a player uses acceleration, the worm loses some points, making the size of the worm a little smaller. "Chase" pellets will emerge around the play area and, when eaten, will provide a higher score than pellets dropped by other worms. The "Chase" will avoid the worms and flee as they approach. By speeding up, you can obtain chasing pellets.

There is a border that limits the worms on the circular game board. If a worm touches it, the player will die without turning into pellets. On each map, a leaderboard is displayed at the top right, showing the ten players whose worm has the highest score among all other worms on the entire map. Skin There are 16 default skins, each with a different color along with many repeating patterns. The color is chosen at random when the player joins the game. Players can choose to customize the appearance of their worm using custom skins with unique designs.


Developed from the classic snake game, Snake io has become popular and attracted a lot of players. Since its launch, the game has had more than 100 million downloads on Google Play alone. This has shown the appeal of this game to everyone. There are also other snake games you can try, such as

How to play Snake io

Move with your mouse or arrow keys.

Left-click and hold to boost speed.

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