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About Slither IO

Slither io is an awesome io game released in 2016. Control a snake, eat glowing orbs to increase your snake's size. Your main objective in is to become the longest worm in the arena and defeat all players. If your snake's head collides into any part of another snake, you will explode and the game is over. 

When a worm dies, its body will turn into shining pellets (orbs) that it had before its death. Players can consume pellets dropped from dead worms to grow their size. These pellets give more mass than normal pellets.

You can left-click or double-tap the screen to speed up and release to stop using boost. However, when you use the boost, your snake loses some mass and its size will shrink slightly. The mass lost from the boost will appear as a line of pellets where you use the boost. And slither io's players can regain the mass lost by consuming the pellets.

Be the last one standing!

Game Features:

  • 12 different skins in slither game
  • Awesome graphics
  • Real-time multiplayer competitions

Game Tips:

When you start the slither io game, try collecting as many orbs as possible to grow your size. Try not to join unnecessary battles at the beginning.

There are 2 special orbs on the map:

  • The glowing orbs appear when a snake falls. The number of orbs depends on the size of the snake.
  • The floating orb floats around the map. It will run away when you chase it. So it's hard to collect but it's worth your effort. These orbs give a greater amount of mass than other orbs.

Use Boosts at the right time to outmaneuver and eliminate your opponents.

How to play Slither IO

Use Arrow keys or move your Cursor to move.

Left-click to speed up.

Play the Slither io game in the Fullscreen mode and use the arrow keys to avoid unwanted scrolling.

Collect orbs to grow.

You can change slither's skin or build your own skin.

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