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About We Baby Bears Magical Box

We Baby Bears Magical Box is an enchanting mobile game that takes inspiration from the beloved characters of the "We Bare Bears" animated series. In this magical adventure, the three bear brothers - Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear - have been transformed into adorable baby versions of themselves and must navigate a whimsical world filled with challenges.


  1. Magical Box Exploration:

    • The baby bears discover a mysterious magical box that transports them to different realms. Players guide the bears through these realms, each filled with unique puzzles and challenges.
  2. Character Abilities:

    • Each baby bear has its special ability. Grizzly is strong and can move obstacles, Panda is tech-savvy and can interact with gadgets, and Ice Bear is resourceful and can create ice paths.
  3. Puzzle Solving:

    • Players solve puzzles by utilizing the individual abilities of each baby bear. This includes pushing objects, activating switches, and collaborating to overcome obstacles.
  4. Collectibles and Power-ups:

    • Throughout the game, players collect magical artifacts and power-ups that enhance the baby bears' abilities. These can be used strategically to solve more complex puzzles.
  5. Boss Battles:

    • In each realm, the baby bears encounter mischievous magical creatures. Players engage in whimsical boss battles that require a combination of strategy and quick thinking to defeat.
  6. Customization:

    • Players can customize the baby bears' appearances with adorable outfits and accessories using in-game currency earned through completing challenges.
  7. Multiplayer Mode:

    • Connect with friends for cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Team up to solve puzzles, share power-ups, and explore the magical realms together.
  8. Storyline:

    • Unravel the mystery of the magical box as the baby bears progress through the game. Discover the origins of the box and the secret behind the enchanting realms.

We Baby Bears Magical Box brings the charm and humor of "We Bare Bears" to the gaming world, providing an entertaining and family-friendly experience for fans of the animated series and puzzle adventure games alike.

How to play We Baby Bears Magical Box

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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