Warcallio is a new, fast and fun battle royale game that’s perfect for all fans of the genre. It’s a turn-based strategy game that pits teams of players against each other in a fight for control of an ancient kingdom. The objective is to secure the kingdom by defeating your opponents and collecting as many treasure as possible. As you progress, you’ll unlock power-ups to help you in your war against the other teams. You can also choose to play in co-operative multiplayer mode or compete against friends in the leaderboard. In This game , there are unlimited possibilities for gameplay and it’s always up for

This amazing game is an HTML5 game that pits teams of players against each other in a battle royale-style game. In this game, you control a character who fights in a fantasy world. You use your mouse to control your character, and your goal is to collect as many power ups as possible and defeat the other team. There are three main types of power ups: attack, collectibles, and health. Attack powerups increase the damage your character does, collectibles add new abilities to your character, and health powerups restore your health. As you play, you will earn points which can be used to buy more powerful weapons and upgrades for your character. The game is set up so that you can play as many games as you want in different

This game is a battle royale game that is set in the world of fantasy. Players are able to play as either a character in the game, or as a monster in the battle royale tournament. In order to become the best, players must collect power-ups and defeat other players in order to win. There are several different task types available in the game, such as attack, collect, and power up. Players can also Battle Royale themselves by playing against other players

How to play

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump

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