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Are you capable of managing a whole city? Tiny Landlord is a PlayCade Interactive simulation game. You must manage and construct an animated city. Each participant will be able to design and construct their own city from beginning and assume control over it. Increase development and urban expansion. Take care of your city's citizens. Don't allow them to become bored! Tiny Landlord is only for enjoyment reasons, therefore let's temporarily set aside the hard stages. By beautifying the city with trees, street lamps, and other facilities, the city may grow and attract more residents.
Tiny Landlord enables you to discover and master the numerous strategies required to develop structures and enhance key locations. Your inventory may be viewed to include buildings, business establishments, and residential property.
This game is not just about constructing large structures and roads; your servant is responsible for ensuring that all of your subjects are content and appreciate your presence. Improve their corporate residences and other commercial spaces to improve their satisfaction and affection for you.


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Using Mouse


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