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About Tappy Flappy Trump

  Tappy Flappy Trump is a fun game with a baby version of the president. Game space with loads of funny and interesting things, not only Donald Trump, but players will have the opportunity to meet many pretty presidents and familiar faces. There are even funny moments where you have to laugh out loud. See how you take care of the president when he was an infant.

  The encounters with other great figures are indispensable on Trump's path, flying high to dodge them. In addition, many dangerous obstacles are arranged in a wobbly and unpredictable way. Keep the force of flight stable and adjust the drop point at reasonable times, if the character falls to the ground or flies too far to reach the top of the screen, you lose. Your points will be accumulated along the way, any point touching the obstacles, the game will bring you back to the starting point. Move skillfully if you don't want to have to start over, get used to the tempo of the flight to be able to move smoothly.  The additional task on the way is to knock up the green corona viruses, there will be some telltale signs for you to avoid or eat items on the way.

How to play Tappy Flappy Trump

Hold to fly up.

Drop to stop flying.


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