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About Studio's Pupil

You are playing Studio's Pupil, a modified version of the traditional Pikachu game. Pupil by Game Studio belongs to the genre of Management Games. The objective of Studio's Pupil is to get the greatest score or to be the last player standing. Studio's Pupil may be played alone or with many other players from across the globe. In addition, we have just enhanced Classic Pikachu with a number of additional Management Game titles comparable to Studio's Pupil. In addition to the traditional Pikachu, you can also play our other amazing games such as shooters,.io games, and racing games... all of which are equally wonderful and secure. Remember to Like and follow in order to follow. Check out our daily updates of new games. If you find Studio's Pupil to be enjoyable, be sure to spread the word!

How to play
Use the mouse and function keys or see the in-game tutorial.

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