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About StarBlast

Starblast is a fast-paced, multiplayer, arcade-style space shooter. To win the game, pilot your spaceship and destroy as many enemies as possible! In this incredible game, you control a spaceship with the keyboard or mouse and fly around the arena using a variety of weapons and abilities to shoot down as many opponents as possible. used throughout play. Monitor your fuel level and avoid being struck by enemy fire, since each hit depletes your energy faster. You will be destroyed and unable to revive for 5 seconds if your health reaches 0 in order to prevent spam deaths. Being destroyed also prevents you from supporting your teammates for a few seconds by mending or destroying opposing projectiles. When you gain a new navigator or level up, your ship will also be updated. To win the game, you must pilot your ship and destroy those of your opponents.

How to play
This game may be played either quietly, by avoiding other players and mining gem rocks until you're powerful enough to defend yourself, or actively, by attempting to attack other players when they're roaming or farming, which is, in my opinion, more enjoyable. In my experience with the game, the larger ships typically have friends who join them out of fear of being destroyed or just because they know them; hence, it is highly essential that you either make a friend in-game or bring one with you.


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