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About Spacial Snake

Spacial Snake is an exhilarating 2D arcade game that takes the timeless concept of Snake to new frontiers, quite literally. In this game, you find yourself navigating a snake through the vast and enigmatic expanse of outer space.


  • As in the classic Snake game, your objective is to control the snake and guide it through space while collecting various cosmic objects to grow longer.

  • The controls are simple and intuitive, allowing you to steer your space snake using directional inputs.

  • To make things more interesting, you must be careful not to collide with the edges of the screen, which represent the boundaries of space itself. Bumping into the cosmic void means game over.

  • Additionally, you'll need to avoid colliding with your own tail, which can become a challenging task as your snake continues to grow with each collected item.

  • The game features a captivating backdrop of stars, planets, and other celestial objects, creating an immersive and visually stunning space environment.


  • Various power-ups and challenges are scattered throughout space to keep the gameplay dynamic and exciting. These might include speed boosts, time-slowing artifacts, or even wormholes that teleport your snake to a different part of the cosmic arena.

  • The game's soundtrack complements the space theme, providing an ambient and mesmerizing musical backdrop to your galactic journey.

  • Players can compete for high scores and achievements, challenging friends and other players to see who can become the ultimate space snake master.

Spacial Snake offers a delightful blend of classic arcade gaming and a captivating space setting, making it a fantastic choice for gamers looking for an engaging and addictive experience that keeps them hooked for hours. Whether you're an avid fan of Snake games or just looking for a unique and space-inspired gaming adventure, Spacial Snake promises hours of fun and challenges as you explore the mysteries of the cosmos one pixel at a time.

How to play Spacial Snake

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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