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About Snakebird

Snakebird is a puzzle video game developed by Noumenon Games and initially released in 2015. This charming and challenging game offers a unique take on the classic Snake concept, blending it with complex puzzles, vivid visuals, and a quirky, whimsical atmosphere.

The core gameplay of Snakebird revolves around controlling colorful, snake-like birds as they navigate a series of grid-based puzzles. The birds, known as "Snakebirds," are adorable and endearing creatures that exude personality. The objective of the game is to guide these Snakebirds to collect fruit scattered throughout each level, and then reach the exit to progress to the next puzzle. This may sound straightforward, but Snakebird introduces a twist that makes it incredibly challenging and rewarding.

The main challenge in Snakebird arises from the game's mechanics. Snakebirds move in a serpentine manner, growing in length as they collect fruit, similar to the classic Snake game. However, this is where the similarity ends. Unlike traditional Snake games, Snakebirds are not allowed to collide with their own bodies or any obstacles in the level, and their limited movement capabilities add an extra layer of complexity.

Players must carefully plan each move, as a wrong step can lead to a dead-end or an unsolvable puzzle. The game encourages trial and error but also demands logical thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome increasingly intricate obstacles. The puzzles in Snakebird range from deceptively simple to mind-bendingly complex, offering a gradual learning curve that keeps players engaged and challenged.

Snakebird's aesthetics are a visual delight. The game's graphics feature vibrant, hand-drawn, and cartoony artwork that gives life to its charming characters and environments. The Snakebirds themselves are expressive, reacting to your moves with amusing animations and sounds. The game's whimsical, upbeat music and sound effects further add to its overall charm.

The game offers a satisfying sense of accomplishment when you solve a particularly challenging puzzle, and it encourages players to think creatively, trying various strategies and approaches to find solutions. With over 100 levels of increasing difficulty, Snakebird provides hours of brain-teasing entertainment for players of all ages.

In summary, Snakebird is a unique and engaging puzzle game that combines the classic Snake concept with innovative and challenging gameplay mechanics. Its delightful visuals, lovable characters, and clever puzzles make it a standout title in the puzzle genre, and it's well worth a try for anyone looking for a fresh and rewarding gaming experience.

How to play Snakebird

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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