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About Snake: 1v1 Mode

Snake: 1v1 Mode brings a classic game into the realm of competitive multiplayer, pitting two players against each other on a single computer. While the core objective remains the same—navigating your snake to consume apples and grow longer—the addition of booster power-ups adds an exciting new dimension to the gameplay.

As players slither across the screen, strategically collecting apples to increase their score and lengthen their snakes, booster power-ups periodically spawn in the arena. These boosters provide temporary enhancements that can turn the tide of the match in an instant.


  1. Classic Gameplay: The core mechanics of the classic Snake game are preserved, with players controlling their snakes to collect apples and grow longer while avoiding collisions with walls and their bodies.

  2. 1v1 Mode: The game is designed for two players to compete against each other on the same computer, allowing for head-to-head matches and intense multiplayer action.

  3. Booster Power-Ups: In addition to collecting apples, booster power-ups periodically spawn in the arena, providing temporary enhancements such as speed boosts, invincibility, double points, and more. These power-ups add depth and strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to gain advantages over their opponents.

How to play Snake: 1v1 Mode

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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