Play - is MINECRAFT + SLITHER.IO in one powerful io game! Grow a snake by eating diverse Minecraft blocks. Eating a precious stone square you get the greatest number of focuses. Accelerate on the left mouse button, however be cautious you lessen the length of the snake. Toss dynamite at adversaries with the correct mouse fasten and will top one! You can give protection to your snake by encircle yourself with your tail. For this situation, you are in safe! You can get a score and squares by slaughtering adversary snake. Or on the other hand you can give your squares to the adversary. Also, you can recuperate your snake by discovering your place of death and get blocks. Crawl specialty will permit you to have some good times and not let you get exhausted! Mouse move - Move Left mouse button - Accelerate Right mouse button - Toss dynamite Enter - Visit 1000 X 800 Marry Nov 13 2019

How to play

How To Play

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