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Willkommen in Prisoner! A fast-paced, arcade-style puzzle game featuring hard problems and tons of action. You will dash through jails as the prisoner and escape artist DASH, attempting to break out again. Each level contains traps and tactics that test your ability to think quickly and creatively. Each level contains three secret keys that unlock exceptional rewards. Utilize the ARROW KEYS or WAD to move, leap, and ascend stairs. To POUNCE on the wall or to side jump from the ledge, press the SPACEBAR. Collect gems to purchase valuable products from vendors, be wary of locked doors, as some may hold secret rooms with more riches, and use your mobile phone wisely, as only mobile phones can be used to call home. Try to earn three stars on each assignment. - Completely new final level: the panic room Avoid traps and find your way out of this insane obstacle course. - Daily obstacles! Try to earn three stars in as many different daily challenges as possible. - Upgrade! Discover secret upgrades to improve your performance in various game zones. - New talents! Unlock more intriguing prisoner powers that will help you face obstacles. Best of luck!


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Using Mouse


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