About is a survival game with the participation of many participating players from many countries around the world. An Animated interface and lively characters will create an interesting space for players to explore. A world of witches fighting for life, each with a magic wand that can be used as an offensive weapon. A chaotic competition ensues and you can only eliminate the other witches or you will disappear.

  On a large lawn where there are many witches, you own a small magic staff and need to search for colored stones to increase your power. Move by controlling the navigation pointer and do not go beyond that range. Kill other witches by pointing the magic stick at their location and releasing it. However, be careful with players with a longer stick than yours, if they know you are about to assassinate, they will counterattack and you will be killed. There are some objects on the way to avoid such as the eye-shaped stone that will limit your vision, the snowflake-shaped stone that slows down movement. If you collide with them, the activities will be inhibited and you will become the target of other players at any time. Kill them all to become Victory or be killed and lose.

How to play

Drag to play.

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