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About Peppa Pig Gift Snake

Peppa Pig Gift Snake: The Adventure of the Growing Worm" is an entertaining and family-friendly mobile game that brings the beloved Peppa Pig characters into gaming. In this delightful adventure, players take control of a tiny worm character from the Peppa Pig universe, and their goal is to guide the worm to grow as big as possible by gobbling up gifts in a series of exciting levels.


  • The player starts with a cute, tiny worm character inspired by Peppa Pig, set in familiar Peppa Pig-themed environments like gardens and play areas.
  • The worm's primary objective is to eat as many gifts as possible to grow in size and score points. These gifts could be beautifully wrapped presents, colorful balloons, or other delightful surprises.
  • The game features intuitive touch controls, allowing players to navigate the worm around the screen while searching for gifts to eat.
  • As the worm consumes gifts, it gradually becomes longer, making maneuvering through the levels more challenging.
  • The game becomes progressively more challenging as the levels advance, with obstacles and more complex mazes to navigate.


  • Fun and colorful graphics, staying true to the vibrant and cheerful Peppa Pig aesthetic.
  • A variety of power-ups and bonuses to enhance the gameplay experience. For example, players might find temporary speed boosts or magnet power-ups that attract gifts.
  • Engaging and catchy music and sound effects featuring Peppa Pig's iconic laughter and cheerful tunes.
  • A scoring system that encourages players to strive for high scores and compete with friends and family.
  • An endless mode where players can see how long they can keep the worm going without running into obstacles or running out of gifts to eat.
  • Frequent updates and special events featuring new levels and challenges keep the game fresh and exciting.

Peppa Pig Gift Snake offers a delightful gaming experience for players of all ages, combining the charm of the Peppa Pig world with the addictiveness of classic arcade gameplay. It's the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of Peppa Pig while enjoying a fun and challenging mobile gaming adventure. So, join Peppa and her friends on this gift-filled journey and see how big you can make your worm!

How to play Peppa Pig Gift Snake

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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