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About Long Snake

Long Snake is a modern iteration of the classic Snake game, but with some additional elements like fruits, bombs, and swipe controls. This variation likely adds more complexity and challenges to the traditional Snake gameplay. The objective of collecting points by eating fruits and avoiding obstacles is a common theme in many modern mobile games, and it can be quite entertaining.


In Long Snake, players control the snake's head direction by swiping on the screen. The goal is to guide the snake to eat as many fruits as possible to accumulate points. However, there are a couple of obstacles to watch out for:

  1. Fruits: Collecting fruits increases the length of the snake and adds to your score.

  2. Bombs: Eating a bomb can lead to the game's failure, so players must avoid them at all costs.

  3. Self-collision: Just like in the traditional Snake game, running into your own body will result in a game over.


  • Swipe controls for easy navigation.
  • A scoring system based on the number of fruits collected.
  • Challenges introduced by the presence of bombs and the snake's continuous growth.
  • Time pressure as fruits disappear after a certain period, requiring strategic movement.

Long Snake is a fun and challenging twist on the classic Snake formula, offering a fresh experience for players who enjoy mobile gaming. The game retains the core elements of the original Snake but adds new dynamics to keep players engaged and test their reflexes and strategic thinking.

How to play Long Snake

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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