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About Little Big Snake

Play Little Big Snake io free game. It takes snake io games to a whole new level. You start as a small snake and collect colored orbs around the map to grow your size. When you hit other snakes, you will lose. You can kill them by encircling them and make them slither into your body. 

Little Big Snake also has a side game. Once your snake is skilled, you can become a Juja bug and fly around the map to collect orbs. Left-click to land on the ground. However, when you land on the ground, your bug moves at a much slower speed. Collect nectar and complete different challenges. Let's play and have fun!



  • Awesome graphics
  • Level and evolution system
  • Achievement tree with achievement section
  • Interesting quests and rewards
  • Various skins
  • Different environments

How to play Little Big Snake

Use your mouse to move your snake.

Left-click to boost speed.

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