Just an ordinary space miner, drifting aimlessly through space. an asteroid? Yes, an asteroid. But wait! There's more! How about a planet orbiting it?! And a few moons to cross it?! Now you are speaking my language! Welcome to the world of Junonio, one of the most beautiful games you will ever play! But how does it play? Let's break it down to its core gameplay: mining. You start in your small base with some basic resources and start mining asteroids, collecting ores and minerals The aim is to survive in space. Build and expand your base, search for resources and explore the galaxy! How you want to play is up to you. You can build a strong base and defend it against other players or attack other players and steal their stuff! You must continue to defend against other players as well as the hostile space environment. Special events are also planned for different times of the year. These events will make you stronger by giving you special rewards if you participate successfully. To play this game you will need a browser that supports HTML5 and WebGL (Chrome, Firefox,..). We will also be using the popular Games engine called Unity 3D which is great because it allows us to build games more easily using their visual editor instead of coding from the beginning.


How to play

Controls WASD - to move Number keys - change equip Space bar/mouse click - use current equip C - craft I - inventory R - rotate E - interact M - map P - colony


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