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About Icy Purple Head. Super Slide

Icy Purple Head Super Slide is a brand-new platform adventure game with all elements of puzzle and skill. An experience that we would highly recommend to all of you, especially if you have already played other Icy Purple Head Games online on our website, which we also recommend, because the entire series is awesome!

How to play Icy Purple Head Super Slide

To freeze the purple point and use it to slide, press and hold the left mouse button on a computer or keep your finger on the screen on a smartphone or computer tablet.

Use this strategy to go through each level. There are a total of thirty levels, however there is no break between them; they follow one another, separated solely by flags that indicate checkpoints.

Utilize platforms, airflow, and anything else that might assist you in moving ahead, while avoiding traps and obstacles such as energy beams that can electrocute you and send you back to the previous checkpoint.

There will also be gateways that serve as teleportation devices. We are certain that you will succeed no matter how many times you attempt, and we promise that you will have a great time from start to end!

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