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About Hot Pot Rush

Hot Pot Rush is an interesting hypercasual game that combines cooking and 3D gameplay.


Hypercasual, Cooking, Simulation.


Hot Pot Rush is a cooking simulation game with a focus on hot pot preparation. Players are likely tasked with managing various aspects of the hot pot cooking process, from selecting ingredients, managing cooking times, and ensuring that the hot pot is prepared to perfection.

3D Graphics:

The inclusion of 3D graphics suggests that the game provides a visually immersive experience. Players can likely expect detailed and realistic depictions of ingredients, kitchen tools, and the hot pot itself. The 3D environment may also enhance the overall gaming experience by allowing players to interact with objects in a three-dimensional space.


The primary goal in the game is probably to create the perfect hot pot. Players may need to follow recipes, time their cooking correctly, and make choices regarding ingredient combinations to satisfy customers or meet specific objectives.


As with many hypercasual games, "Hot Pot Rush" might include various challenges and obstacles that players must overcome. These challenges could range from time constraints to customer demands and ingredient availability, adding an element of strategy and quick thinking to the gameplay.

Progression and Upgrades:

It's common in hypercasual games to have a progression system where players can earn rewards, unlock new levels or recipes, and possibly upgrade their virtual kitchen equipment or ingredients.

Online and Social Features:

Many hypercasual games offer online and social features, such as leaderboards or the ability to share achievements with friends. These features encourage competition and engagement among players.

How to play Hot Pot Rush

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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