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Jumping balls around a maze full of obstacles has always been a classic way to waste time. If you have a few friends and some flash, this is the game for you! Play Elite: Dangerous on PC, Xbox One, Alienware Alpha or any VR headset and take your game to another level by playing Hopping Ball. Just like in the real universe, Elite: Dangerous has great scenarios that provide immersive fun. Some of the more popular activities include discovering new systems, trading goods and services with other players, and bounty hunting. Among all these activities there is an interesting variation called hoppin' ball. There are a number of ball jumping games available but very few have as many options as Hopping Ball. From different themes and game modes to multiple control modes and difficulty levels, there's something for everyone. Try to collect all the stars as you progress through the levels. This Ball game has more challenging levels that get harder as you progress, so you'll have to pay attention and use your skills to complete them all! Can you score enough points in this Ball game?


How to play Helix Jump

Controls Hold the left mouse button to rotate the tower.


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