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About Greenlight, Redlight

Greenlight, Redlight is a game that reenacts the game Red light and green light in the hit series Squid Game (Squid Game). Toward the beginning of Red Light Green Light, players will wind up in a comparative circumstance to the film, wearing a uniform with different players and secured a room where they need to sit tight to join a round. Notwithstanding, there will be a network on the floor that straightforwardly refreshes the quantity of players killed in the current round. Each time somebody kicks the bucket, the prize cash for the champ increments and can be seen on the roof. In case of a champ, the best individual will get a monetary reward and acknowledgment. Numerous portable games have been made on the topic of endurance, where every player tests their own destiny, endurance and wellbeing. There might be one victor, finishing this minigame that appears to be troublesome and exciting, will be truly alluring for you.

How to play Greenlight, Redlight

Level 1 - move when the green light, stop when the red light. Use a mouse or your finger to act, move and jump.

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