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About Funny Shooter 2

Are you prepared for a true test? Funny Shoot 2 is an Android game in which you must shoot all of the on-screen targets. Be vigilant and swift, otherwise the next target will be quicker than the last. You will have access to five increasingly harder levels. Each level's objective is always changing, preventing you from becoming bored quickly. Each level has at least two targets, some of which may appear many times. We urge that you play this game with your friends, since it will be far more enjoyable with many teams. Start immediately since there are many targets to shoot and little time remaining!

How To Play Funny Shooter 2

Keep moving and maintain a safe distance from any hostiles in the area to prevent injury. In addition, the shop is where you can modify your weaponry with a variety of accessories, including silencers, optical sights, and more. In Funny Shooter 2, the elimination of foes and the accrual of game points are awarded for precise shooting. If you kill an opponent, they may drop an item. You deserve appreciation for your efforts. Your hero will find these things highly valuable in future encounters. It is highly recommended that you avoid utilizing grenades, pitchforks, axes, chainsaws, and clubs; failing to do so will result in the loss of all your accomplishments.

Tips And Tricks:

By unleashing nuclear missiles at your enemies, you may convey the appearance that the end of the world is imminent. Killing your opponents with smart headshots will earn you the most points before the conclusion of the match. Collect more stuff by achieving milestones and accomplishing perilous activities in order to increase your chances of victory. All nearby targets will be marked on a minimap shown in the top right corner of the screen.


Mouse = investigate
WASD = movement
W + Shift = run Space = leap
Left Left Mouse Button (Hold) = aim Right Mouse Button (Hold) = fire
Mouse wheel equals next/primary weapon
1-7 are weapon shortcuts
R = reload
G = detonate a grenade
T = examine the weapon
E = eliminate / eliminate weapon

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