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About Foxy Land

You take control of a lovable and cuddly fox in the amusing arcade game Foxy Land, which features a side-scrolling play style. Your one true love has been kidnapped by a vile eagle, and you are going to have to do everything in your power to get her back. Your objective is to exercise control over your character, make it through each stage, and amass as many cherries and gems as possible along the way.

The controls are really straightforward; to move left and right and leap, use the arrow buttons on your keyboard and the W key. You are need to avoid getting caught in the various traps and jump over the various obstacles. Keep moving and work on finishing each level as rapidly as you can while also acquiring all of the goodies in it. Will you be able to protect the one you love in Foxy Land from the eagle in time?


How to play Foxy Land

Press W/A/D to move around. Use the "space" to jump.


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