About where your dog fights for territory. If you are used to always protecting and protecting your pet, you will have an interesting and new experience when they take ownership of you in this game. This contrast will be extremely addictive for those who have pets and create an interesting playground with the participation of many players. Let's see how your dog performs in this game!

  Start with a small dog and rudimentary weapons, try to gather more food to grow bigger and have more powerful weather moving for food, avoid dogs with different weapons than you. This is only necessary when you start after your dog is healthier go to destroy other dogs. Press and hold or when moving close to places with food, the speed will increase, so pay attention not to bump into other stronger players. When you accumulate a certain amount of food, you will be switched to another weapon. Just one mistake of challenging a stronger dog, you will be killed instantly and out. Reviving is impossible so you can only start over. Are you a good owner who gives your dog territory? The dog that survives to the end will be a victory!

How to play

Drag to move.

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