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In the icy north, the people of the Logres Kingdom struggled to survive a long, harsh winter. In this harsh cold world, danger is always lurking around every corner. The wise men of the land know that the only way to survive is to gather together and seek shelter. In this world where traps and monsters are everywhere, only the smartest, bravest or luckiest will return alive. This is the world of "DIG", a multiplayer survival game where up to four players team up to battle the elements, each other, and the unknown. With tons of exciting locations and different game modes, "DIG" offers a fun and challenging experience for all ages. Players will be able to level up, train, and equip their characters with new skills and abilities that will help them survive. There are four different game modes to choose from: Campaign, Adventure, Engagement, and Custom Game. In the Campaign, the player will take part in a story of adventure and quests. Each chapter of the campaign is divided into several Adventures. The adventures can be played in any order and will take the player to new locations, each with its own story, setting, and enemies. Skirmish mode is a quick way to play against AI enemies. In this challenge, you need to explore the house and find hidden rooms while trying to avoid traps and enemies. You can choose your character and their ability to overcome the challenge. You can play as a team of heroes or a team of villains to collect as many treasures as you can and find your way out of the house. You can play as a team of heroes or a team of villains to collect as many treasures as you can.


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Using Mouse


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