About ( is a fantastic io game in which you play as a marine creature and try to eat as much food as you can to grow and evolve. When you eat enough, you can evolve into a new stronger creature. Each creature has different characteristics and abilities. So be careful. Survive through the ruthless sea world full of predators. If you find yourself being hunted, hide behind terrain and escape. 

To kill smaller creatures, just hit them with your head several times until the health bar turns red. 

If you get hit by stronger players, you will get 15% slower for 5 seconds. So try to stay away from them at all cost.

Pay attention to oxygen, temperature, and pressure level bar. If its level starts dropping, you're in danger.

Game Features:

  • A huge selection of creatures
  • Various types of food
  • Different terrain


How to play

Move your mouse to control the movement of your fish.

Left-click to boost speed.

Enter to chat.

Press M to hide or show chat messages.

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