About will let you join the kingdom of Coronavirus which is famous all over the world. Surely you will not be able to imagine when you have to play the role of a virus that spreads epidemic diseases to those around you. A completely unique version does not destroy viruses but on the contrary, must nurture them to be fat in 

  At first, you are just a small virus and only infect the little icons around. When you get a bit older, you will be able to eat viruses smaller than you are the other players. Sanitary water bottles are scattered to make the viruses clone and divide into many viruses. Depending on your strategy, it is possible to go through the sanitary water bottles or avoid them to preserve the size. Note that the larger the size, the slower the movement speed should be, so consider duplicating properly so your points won't be lost. You will have to compete with many other players, the one with the highest score will top the leaderboard. 

  Are you confident to become the strongest virus? 

How to play

Drag to move.

Duplicate multiple variations with detergent.

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