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About Boat Hitting Out

  Boat Hitting Out is an adventure boat racing arena where you can only win or capsize. With the participation of many other players, the underwater arena is bustling and highly competitive. Boats carrying hundreds of people stacked on top of each other will create funny images. Floating on the sea and can capsize at any time, do you confidently steer the boat to win?

  Other players won't give you a chance to survive, other ferocious ships will target you. So try to pick up people floating in the sea to have a powerful teammate on your boat. The larger the number of people, the more power the boat will have to sink other ships. There are scattered items to support power-ups like spinning parachutes, pick them up to sink enemy ships more easily. There is only one player to win, let's be reckless and become the fearsome battleship. Maybe you will be surprised by your destructiveness on the water, rebel with other players for an exciting experience. The battle on the water will not let you down. Ready to fight for the championship!

How to play Boat Hitting Out

Drag to play.

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