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About Beaver Weaver

Beaver Weaver is a cross stitch game in which the player selects a color and begins sewing the canvas. Assist the beaver Gloria and her grandson Mikey in finishing the needlework and earning money to unlock other paintings. Utilize assistance such as the Magic Needle, which stitches all tiles of the same color into several parallel lines, and the Magic Cup, which stitches a wide area with all colors. Playing this cross stitch game can help you relax after a long day.

How to play Beaver Weaver?
You begin this art game by selecting a tiny design for the instructional stage. This section explains how to make a seam as well as how to use the unique seam and seam bomb advantages.

You are now free to choose your own design. They are arranged according to theme and size. When you pick a thread, corresponding text will appear in the places that will be stitched with that color. Swipe across these regions to make and color cross stitches.

It resembles a color-by-number game, but with yarns and cross stitch rather of paint and pixels.

Each accomplished piece of art will reward you coins. Save enough money to purchase the next piece of art you wish to attempt. Certain goods will always be free, while others will cost coins to acquire.

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