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About Animal Transform Race 3D

  Animal Transform Race 3D is a game with funny wild animals. Players are riding on giant wild animals such as elephants, leopards, tigers will create an exciting experience. The track with many obstacles and the transformation of many animals to overcome gives the feeling of dominating the animal world. Possess powerful animals and become the victory!

  Obstacles such as tree trunks, piles of dry wood, or walls will be randomly arranged on the track. You need to change the right type of animal to overcome those. For example, when meeting a big wall, they need to transform into an elephant, when meeting a lake, they have to transform into a dolphin to be able to swim through. When crossing they need to return to their original animal states like a tiger or leopard for fast running speed. Only when you are the player to finish first will you have a chance to participate in the next race. So the gameplay is not difficult, just manipulate quickly to quickly transform animals and cover good obstacles to bring out the correct types of animals. Note that you need to touch the conversion cards twice in a row for optimal transformation speed, shortening the time to the finish line.

How to play Animal Transform Race 3D

Click or touch on the cards below to change animals.

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