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About 3D SNAKE

  3D SNAKE is a fun game with snakes on the grass. Surely any of us are no stranger to the classic game of snakes, the familiar classic game genre on popular phones for a while, loved by many players. Now with an attractive 3D interface, this game gives players a lot more new and attractive. The limited range will definitely raise the challenge and bring excitement to players.


  A red dot will be placed in any position on a square grass field in a state of suspension. Your task is to control the snake to reach the red dot and eat it, of course, this is not easy because the player's perspective will be affected by 3D space. Controls will also be limited to the left and right directions, and players can only navigate directly by clicking on the two arrows at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, the difficulty will multiply when your control of the snake is narrowed in both space and movement directions. When eating a target, the snake will grow by one point and this length will make it more difficult to move. This will lead to the player's vision being affected and it is difficult to control the direction of the snake. Let's see how long you can make a snake!

How to play 3D SNAKE

Arrow keys to play.

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